Mary Ann D, Park Ridge

Both my kids connected well with Joe and looked forward to their tutoring sessions. My younger son was struggling in Algebra and Joe was able to explain it to him in a way he could understand. His grades went up and he starting enjoying math.

My older son is in accelerated math and science classes and we had to convince him that Joe might be able to help him study for his Algebra 2 final. After working with Joe, he now plans to use him to prepare for science and math finals throughout high school and is even thinking of working with Joe on a regular basis.

Joe loves math and his love of math is contagious. Both my boys had become accustomed to not understanding all the material taught in class. After working with Joe, they now know that it is possible to understand not only how to do an equation, but why. Joe fills the gap when classroom teachers are either mediocre or rush through the material.